Properties Widget

In the Properties widget, you can view the most relevant and important properties for a content item at a glance. By clicking [Edit], you can access the Properties panel where you can modify all properties for the current content item. This section explains the properties shown in the Properties Widget. The Properties widget appears as follows in a sidebar in the Workspace:

The properties described in the table below are shown in the Properties widget:



TitleThe title of the content item. This is the string that appears in the title in the Editor.

Navigation Title

For web pages, you can specify a navigation title that differs from the title of the page. The navigation title appears in the website navigation in both the frontend and in the Workspace.

URL Title

The title to use in the friendly URL. For complete information on friendly URLs, see Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Publication StatusIf the content item is published, "Active" is shown with a green icon. If the content item is not published, "Inactive" is shown with a gray icon. You can change the publication status by clicking [Edit] and navigating to the Status tab in the Content Item Properties panel or using the Actions menu.
Workflow StatusThe workflow status of the content item. See Workflow.
VersionsShows the version of the content item that you are viewing ("1 of 2" for example).
Publication DateThe date the content item was or will be published.
Expiration DateThe date the content item expired or will expire (if any).
LanguageThe language version of the item.
RevisionShows the highest (current) revision number of this content item. See Reverting a Content Item for more information.
PreviewAllows you to preview the content item as it appears on the website frontend. See Previewing a Content Item for more information.
Display OnThe page on which the item is displayed.

To access the Properties panel, click [Edit].