Administrative Pages

The XperienCentral Administrative pages provide access to performance metrics, allows you direct access to the REST API, makes it possible to add loggers, and provides information on the status of your XperienCentral deployment. The topics in this section are meant for system administrators and developers.


  • GX Software strongly recommends that you protect access to the Administrative pages by configuring your network/firewall so that these URLs are only available to machines running on the same internal network as the XperienCentral server(s) or via a secure VPN connection. Do not allow access to the Administrative pages from the Internet.
  • When logging in to an Administrative page, you will be prompted for a username/password combination. In all cases you must use the username/password combination defined by the properties <webmanager.admin.username> and <webmanager.admin.password> in the settings.xml file.
  • Beginning in XperienCentral R24, if you have to provide username/password credentials in order to access the Administrative Pages, you must first navigate to /admin/login and log in. Thereafter you can navigate directly to the other pages (/admin/profile,/admin/statistics, etc.) without having to provide credentials.
  • See also Debugging and Troubleshooting.

Free Access to the Administrative Pages

The Administrative Pages free access functionality was introduced in XperienCentral version R24.

It is possible to allow a user role to access the XperienCentral Administrative Pages without having to provide username/password credentials. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Authorization.
  2. Click the Roles tab.
  3. Select the role from the drop-down list to which you want to give the permission to access the Administrative Pages without having to provide credentials.
  4. Click [Apply].
  5. Click the Permissions tab:

  6. Scroll down to the "System Utilities" section.
  7. Select "Access debugging tools":

  8. Click [Apply].
  9. Click [Close].

All users with the role granted the permission must log out and log back in to XperienCentral in order for the change to take effect. See also User Authorization.

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